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Home Together – Celebrating Community

Here at Neighbourhood Network we are so excited to be launching a new pilot project, Home Together, supported by Cairn. We are working with and inspiring households to come together within their new neighbourhoods to create strong, well-connected communities.

As residents settle into their new homes, we will be providing each area with the tools to build a culture of connectedness from the beginning. Our goal is simple – to create happy places for people to live, where neighbours feel supported by each other.

It is so important that the residents of these new estates are the drivers of this process; we just want to support, inspire and facilitate new neighbourly friendships and positive community activities. We hope to empower residents to feel a strong sense of ownership of their neighbourhoods and start their own community led projects.


Street Feast 2019 - Charlotte Barker - Susanvill, Street Feast 2019


Some exciting aspects of this project we can’t wait to get running with are:
  • Working with resident’s to build a year-long calendar of community events and helping create organic opportunities for neighbourliness to flourish.
  • Supporting the participating neighbourhoods with the resources they need to take community building into their own hands.
  • Developing and piloting a community measurement tool to assess community health, social connections, local sense of ownership, and quality of life in relation to their neighbourhood connectedness.
  • To help build strong, well-connected communities that will continue to grow into engaged, sustainable, long-lasting supportive networks.


Cover photo - Crosshaven Street Feast 2019 - Photo Joleen Cronin