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Home Together and New Beginnings in Mariavilla, Maynooth

On Saturday May 29th we had an absolute scorcher of a day in Mariavilla, Maynooth chatting with some of the lovely members of this new community.

All morning there was a great buzz on the green as people got to know their new neighbours and started exploring the Home Together initiative.



Many of those we met on Saturday had only very recently moved into their new homes in Mariavilla during lockdown and this was their first opportunity to meet others in the neighbourhood.



Everyone seemed eager to make the most of this new shared beginning. There was plenty of chat about starting or expanding community dog walking groups, craft circles and fitness meet-ups. One street has even made a plan for a neighbourly BBQ in the next few weeks!


Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, had some fun and dropped off their survey in the Home Together post box. We have received some brilliant information about Maynooth, the community in Mariavilla and some lovely drawings too!



If you’re a Mariavilla resident and didn’t get a chance to fill in a survey, you can still tell us more about your community here in our online surveyyou might even win a prize!

Thank you also to Cairn for supporting this initiative and Beanery Coffee for coming along on the day and fuelling our chats and fun!