August 2021August 7th – Outdoor Cinema (Suggested Activity)

August 7th – Outdoor Cinema (Suggested Activity)

An outdoor screening is a great stand-in for the cinemas that have been closed for the past few months. All you really need is some enthusiastic viewers and a classic movie that people of all-ages can enjoy.

What You Need:

  • A space for your screening: your street, a local carpark, a community centre, a park (with permission)
  • A projector
  • A PA system and speakers
  • Something to sit on: pillows, blankets, bean bags.
  • A white sheet or two


Organise a projector & PA system

The two essentials you will need for organising your outdoor cinema screening are a projector (to screen your film) and PA system (for sound). These can be a bit pricey, so ask around in the community first to see if anyone could help to provide either.
Try getting in touch with your local school, community centre or sports club to see if they could loan you theirs.

Choose a suitable location & organise a make-shift screen

Anywhere can be a make-shift cinema if you get creative!
Use a white sheet as a make-shift screen to project your film onto. If you don’t have sheets to hand, try using the side of your house or apartment building.
Choose a location where people can sit with comfortable social distancing in place. Your street, a park or local green space, a school or parish car park. Make sure to clear it with your local authorities and residents beforehand!

Get your license in order

As tempting as it is to just pop a DVD on for your screening, you can’t legally screen a film in public without the proper license in order.
Even if your screening is a public, non-profit event; under law, you are required to have a Single Title Movie Licence from the Irish MPLC.
Read more and apply for your license here.

Set the date & spread the word

Get the word out about your screening via WhatsApp groups, social media and good old fashioned posters and flyers.
Ask your community for suggestions of what films they would like to see shown. Try to pick something fun for all ages!

Make it comfy!

Ask people to bring along their own chairs, pillows and blankets and snacks- whatever they need to get comfy.
Then press play, sit back and enjoy the screening in the company of your neighbours!