BlogA Big Community Thank You!

A Big Community Thank You!

First of all we would like to say a massive thank you to each and every community member who got out and got involved with Home Together activities in their neighbourhood. It was a pleasure to run this pilot initiative in your estates over the past few months and to experience the true community spirit you brought to each event, gathering and project.

Over the course of the project we saw connections develop and grow. Some community members formed groups with their neighbours for dog walking, arts & crafts and even gardening. Kids made friends they could call for, parents connected and like-minded neighbours found joy in shared interests and community.


The Home Together zine made it into homes around each estate and the community activity challenge helped spark ideas for positive neighbourhood interactions that we can all take part in. Some other brilliant ideas thought up for further local connection included:

  • Outdoor Yoga
  • Outdoor benches
  • BBQs
  • Dog shows
  • Tea on the Green
  • Mother & baby meet ups
  • Regular community gatherings

The Home Together initiative came to a close on a high with our Street Feast events in each estate at the end of September. It was such a wonderful buzz to be a part of, and couldn’t have been pulled off without everyone who helped out by bringing food, setting up tables,  managing activities or getting involved in the fun! Days like these help show what communities can achieve when we support and celebrate each other.

Check out this lovely video which sums up the Home Together project perfectly! We hope it gives you the inspiration to keep connecting and growing your community.